10 Best coffee shops in Los Angeles

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If you are looking forward to moving to Los Angeles and you want to plan how to spend your free time, we are here to help! Is there anything better than a warm cup of coffee and if you can share the experience with someone you love, it can get even better. That is why we did our research and discovered top 10 coffee shops in Los Angeles. In case you are new in the area, we hope this will be helpful. 

No matter what kind of coffee you enjoy, whether it is espresso, nice warm cappuccino or americano, you can find it all on our list. So let’s start! 

  1. Go Get Them Tiger

Go Get Them Tiger is one of the fastest growing hometown chains with consistency, they have 6 locations throughout the city. However they maintained their charm and to keep their coffee quality. You get to choose from to-go goods and grab-and-go bottles of home-made cold brew. Or you can take a seat in their fun space with pastries, brunch bites and retail items. Since they are very popular, be ready there is a line of people waiting to get their coffee. If it’s your first time going to Go Get Them Tiger, try out the almond and macadamia milk cappuccino. 

  1. Civil Coffee

Civil Coffee is another place that is busy no matter the time of day. It is a spacious and stylish coffee shop located at one of Highland Park’s best spots. You will see many people working from here, so if you have a remote job, make sure to get up early to get your spot. Their baked goods are a solid meal and you should try breakfast burritos.You get to choose from various coffee drinks and handful teas. 

  1. The Paramount Coffee Project

Paramount Coffee is located on Fairfax and in DTLA, so you get to choose which one is better for you. It is Australian-owned all day cafe that can offer you a great food menu as well. Food they offer is a very interesting mix of Australian, LA and Filipino cuisine.

  1. Endorffeine

This place might not be cute, but it sells the best coffee you can find in LA. It has a minimalistic setting and it is founded by a former biochemist Jack Benchakul. If you are looking for a number of caffeinated options, this is a place for you. There is a Thai iced coffee made with cold brew, Thai spice and palm sugar. There are many other funky combinations that you should try if you are in a mood to experiment.

  1. Highly Likely

On the other hand, Highly Likely has a modern and cool space that is friendly at the same time and that is why it is one of the favorite spots to start the day for many Los Angeles residents. It is a great spot for local shops, makers and guest ches to collaborate. Also, you should know that they have a ‘late-night’ menu with great beers and wines.

  1. Triniti

Triniti is offering various beverages that are all gorgeous and they refresh seasonally. The team composts their grounds and other bioproducts or utilize them on the menu elsewhere. If you want to enjoy watching people and cars stream by along the Sunset, grab your barstool and sit near the front counter.

  1. Hilltop Coffee

Hilltop Coffee is nestled in South LA of View Park – Windsor Hill. Their beverages are made with love and care and you can find many different flavours, including lavender latte. If you get hungry, they have bowls and toasts.

  1. Copa Vida

A coffee shop located in Old Pasadena and it was founded in 2013. If you enjoy classic coffee, this is a place for you. On the other hand, they do offer things like double shots with brown sugar simple syrup and ice to make Iced Freddos and you can also find seasonal creations here to spice it up a bit. As many other coffee shops, they do sell baked goods as well.

  1. Dinosaur coffee

Dinosaur is offering satisfying core drinks and seasonal shrubs for clients that want to try out new things. If you are looking for a cozy and nice place for your morning coffee, you will love it here. 

  1. G&B coffee

If you are looking for something different and interesting, check out specialty drinks in G&B coffee. There are turmeric-gingers and almond macadamia for example. No doubt you will find something that is good enough to spice up your espresso shot.