5 easy steps to book a moving company!

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Have you decided to move locally? If you are looking for furniture movers that can help, you will need a few helpful tips. It is not enough to type local movers near me, there is much more to do when it comes to finding someone you can trust. Check out our list of 5 steps to book a movers and get yourself a smooth move! 

  1. Get recommendations / Do research / Do screening

First thing you want to do is to ask your friends, family or co worker who moved recently for a referral. First hand experience is always the best recommendation for any moving company. If any of your friends had a smooth move experience, there is a big chance you will as well. However, if that is not the case, don’t be miserable. There are many other ways to find a suitable local moving company for your needs. You probably know for a good old trick where you type on your internet search furniture movers near me and you will get a long long list of Burbank CA moving companies. Don’t waste your time calling all of them, but create a list of some names that you would like to know more about and do your research. Check out their websites and reviews that you can find online. If you come across a few bad reviews, don’t take it as a complete truth, but if there are many one star reviews, you might want to reconsider calling that moving company.  

  1. Call at least 3 moving companies

Even if you think you found your perfect moving company, you should call at least 3 so you can compare rates and services. There are numerous moving services in Burbank CA, so you should take your time to think about what they can offer. Different moving companies are offering different services. You are not looking for the cheapest one, you want them to have professional movers, to be trusted and to have all the equipment needed for your move. Don’t make it more complicated than it should be, you don’t have to call dozens of moving companies, but 3-5 is something that is helpful in most of the cases. 

  1. Tell your movers everything they ask

Calling moving help in Burbank CA means you should have patience and be ready to answer some questions they might have. And they will have many questions. Sales representatives that are working in your chosen company have one goal – to gather information in order to provide you with a moving quote that will ensure your move will be done safely and efficiently. That is why it is very important to answer all of their questions honestly. If you try to hide some information, such as having a huge baby grand piano or you tell them that your home is 1 bedroom instead of the actual size, or don’t mention there are stairs involved, you will only have a stressful move because you will have less movers than you should have for that move type. Not just that, but most of the local moving companies are charging the hourly rates, so you will end up paying way more than you planned. 

  1. Have all the estimates in a written form

When calling a bunch of movers and packers in Burbank CA it is easy to forget what they are offering, so make sure you have all the estimates in a written form. You can always ask your professional movers to send you a moving quote on your email address so you can compare them later on. The other option you have is to write everything down yourself, but you might easily miss something. That is why the best option is to have them send you everything over email, so in case you haven’t heard something, you can easily go back. On the other hand, it is always a good idea to have everything in a written form when it comes to scheduling your movers. 

  1. Make sure your chosen movers are licensed

Good thing is there are many furniture movers in Burbank CA, but unfortunately not all of them are licensed local movers. That is why you need to be careful when booking movers with a truck and make sure you have a company that is licensed and insured as well. If you have insured local movers and some damage happens on a moving day, they will work with you to find the best solution for any problem that occurred. You don’t want to stress out about damages or your valuable belongings over a few dollars that you wanted to save and hire some shady movers. The main advice we have for you is not to settle for any company that is not licensed and insured.