Storage in and out moving

Don’t worry, it is completely normal that sometimes residential and commercial moves require storage solutions because of many reasons. The most common one is that your homes didn’t close at the same time. Don’t be desperate and don’t stress out, Warner Burbank Movers can offer a solution for any moving problem. You should find a storage unit in the area where you can place your belongings and leave everything else to our team. Even if you need some help with finding a storage unit, our customer support team has enough experience to offer you a few tips and tricks to ease the process. After we make a detailed plan of action, it is time for the real thing – relocation itself. Warner Burbank Movers has an amazing team of professional movers that are trained and experienced in handling storage relocations. We know how to use space in both a moving truck and storage unit, so everything can fit. Not just that, but we will disassemble or reassemble your furniture, depending if you are moving in or out of a storage unit. All of your belongings will be wrapped with plastic wrap and we sincerely recommend buying extra blankets if you are moving into the storage unit. Safety of your belongings comes first, you should think about it. Our moving trucks are well maintained and equipped with everything needed to safely perform your move. 


Rates that we are offering in Warner Burbank Movers are all inclusive, so you can plan your budget properly. There are no hidden charges of any sort or fees for handling stairs, heavy items, long carry, fuel or even a California double drive time fee. You can relax because you are in our safe hands.


Give us a call and let’s chat about your moving needs because we are more than happy to offer you an individual moving plan tailored for you! Getting a quote is free and you are not obligated to do anything.